It was in 2016 when Portland was introduced to what would soon be among their most charismatic DJ duos to hit the city in a long time.
Spending years carving their blueprint in New York and San Francisco, Gen Ariella and Dakota Ushigome built a strong foundation for what would eventually be the powerhouse that is The Dust Bunnies.

Following their PDX headline debut for Candy Land in 2016, the bunnies skyrocketed to popularity and were soon heard regularly around town at many notable productions such as No Vacancy, Whiskey Bar, the Local Hero Events, a monthly residency at the Local Lounge, as well as joining the long-time standing DJ and artist collective Rose City Underground.
Heavily influenced by UK tech House, their vocal heavy sets have been driving dance floors with high energy since.

Currently you can find the Dust Bunnies performing around Oregon and at their Residency with Portland’s new Underground House Music venue No Requests, as well as RCU showcases that spread throughout the region.