The Heavy Hustle (PDX)

The Heavy Hustle is both a band and a much larger project focused on understanding, initiating and fostering human potential and fulfillment… a movement that helps people get moving. In addition to the band, the project also hosts activities enabling the pursuit of feeling fulfillment in life, building community around this pursuit, and encourages people to work investing in themselves, physically, mentally and spiritually.

With a sound that can only be described as punk/funk/pop/prog, the melodic slammitude of The Heavy Hustle will coat your eardrums with musical honey, leaving you in sweet euphoria after having experienced musical enlightenment. Also, The Heavy Hustle is here to rock your freakin’ faces off, and have the best time you can imagine!

The Heavy Hustle welcomes you to come and dance your legs off, discuss what it is in life that makes you tick, and get to know others doing amazing things.