The Saloon Ensemble

live band

What is The Saloon Ensemble? It’s almost impossible to describe! Part broadway musical, part bar-room dance band, and full time joyous fun!!! This crazy cast of comedic characters provides energetic original music, hilarious cover songs, and even musical theatre productions such as the massive touring success “JAWZ THE MUSICAL – IN 3-D!,” “The NITEMARE B4 XMAS,” and “ALL OF BURNING MAN IN A DAY.” It all started at Burning Man in 2005 with members of Portland-based horn band juggernaut MarchFourth, who created swing versions of everything imaginable. Over the years, the performance troupe has solidified as one of The Northwest’s premier entertainers. They produce epic NYE theme parties (Spaceball, Disco Sleaze Ball, Back to the Future, Wings of the Cock, Horns and Halos, End of the World, The Love Ball), musicals, and special events, but at the core, they’re a band that loves to spread joy everywhere they go, from local Portland venues to music festivals such as OCF, WTF, Symbiosis, Burning Man, and Oregon Eclipse. Their bottomless bucket of material ranges from comic, booty-shakin’, ear poppin’ originals to unexpected twists on pop hits from every genre imaginable – all performed with swingy, jazzy, stompin’, campy, lounge-y, wild & crazy flare! In whatever form, The Saloon Ensemble promises that you will sing, dance, and enjoy the hell out of yourself at any of their shows.