Tiki Bike Bar

Tiki Bike was a wild dream drawn up on a napkin over dinner. The dream turned to reality during the spring of 2017 and Tiki Island Delight made its first appearance at SOAK (Portland Regional Burning Man Event) as an art installation. Pedalpalooza 2017 was a fun month of Tiki exploration. The 1st Annual Tiki Ride held on King Kamehameha Day and will continue to be held on that day each June. The tiki was an integral piece of Dropout Prom, World Naked Bike Ride After Party, and Loud N Lit, some of Portland’s biggest bike events for the year.

Burning Man is actually an original home of the bike base that the Tiki sits on so a journey home was necessary. While Carl continues to build and create new elements on the tiki you can find Juliana planning the party that inevitably follows the tiki. Carl and Juliana make a solid team that hold tight to values of inclusion, community, connection, and bringing joy to everything they do. 2018 was a great year with Tiki Bike turning into a theme camp at SOAK and a debut at SHIFT Festival. Pedalpalooza 2018 was a blast and the tiki brings smiles and cheers every street it rides down!