Varmacha (PDX- Lionsguard, Fun Luvn, Fresh)

“Born and raised in Spain, Vamarcha was introduced to electronic music at an early age. His passion for Djing ignited when he immersed himself in the electronic scene of Madrid, Benidorm, and Ibiza. He learned to love and appreciate the sounds of House, Techno, DnB, and Jungle.

He has been Djing since 2008 and has come to resonate mostly with Deep House, Tech House, and Techno.

Vamarcha has carved a unique style of sound and performance that can only be explained by seeing him live. He has lived in many cities including Madrid, Cadiz, Naples, Virginia Beach, D.C., Harrisonburg, and Richmond, and has always taken every opportunity to spread his sound to the masses, sharing the stage with artists such as: Mike Bee, Coyu, German Brigante, Basti Grub, Mickey Lion, Deep Jesus, Lee Reynolds, Rachel Torro, Tara Brooks, Anna Lunoe, Coyoti, and Kane Ian, among others.

“”The driving force for what I do comes purely from my passion for electronic music…bring back the soul and groove plzz”” — Vamarcha”