Vibralocity is the artist name used by Joshua Jacobs (formerly known as the artist SinSay). Joshua is a music producer, composer, poet, and DJ. Vibralocity’s track productions are designed to express the complexities of the human experience. Soulful, groovy, deep, weird, heavy, funky, fun, and contemplative are all words used to describe Vibralocity’s music. He has produced songs for meditation and for the dancefloor alike.

To listen to a Vibralocity set is to be taken on a journey through genres, moods, body movements, and cultures. You will hear inspirations drawn from house and bass music, as well as funk, soul, disco, hip hop, and so much more. There is so such thing as a ‘typical’ set from Vibralocity, as he has a talent for freestyling his sets to match the vibe of the crowd.

Vibralocity has provided support for: Walker & Royce, Krewella, Sickick, Cash Cash, Russ Liquid, Cofresi, Diskord, Ahee, Dela Moontribe, Yheti, ToadFace, Mt. Analogue, Mindex, Ovoid, SuDs, Bedroom Trax, Beli3ver, Tv_Tv, Manoj, Mienne, Mark Brody, DJ Gitdown, and many more!