“The Wonder Twinz, Seattle’s destined duo embodies the talents of Seattle DJs Julie Herrera & Cristina Ortiz (a.k.a. Mz ArTiz).

These queer Latina Queens debuted in June of 2016, performing at a fundraiser for Seattle’s Camp Conception featured at Mobius Cycle. Since then, this soulful pair has elevated the local House community, delighting audiences with various genres of House music, their infectious smiles, and collaborations of twin costumes. Their expression of atomic energy is bound to get you moving on a dance floor!

Julie and Cristina are badass djs in their own right with many years of djing under their belt, they have performed in most of the underground clubs in Seattle and are well respected within the House community of Seattle.

How did the duo come together? The story goes that once people began mixing them up, confusing one for the other. They decided to bring their powers together and ACTIVATE!
The WONDER TWINZ were born!”