Tectonic PLATES

PLATES (Kitchen) volunteers…

…read recipes, prep, cook, and clean up (including leftovers) pre-planned meals during their four-hour shifts! The kitch krew needs volunteers who:

  • Are able to share such kitchen responsibilities as: preparation, cooking, dishes, greywater/LNT, wandering server (fluff the staff/volunteers!)
  • Stock and maintain the readily available snacks (PBJ, fruit, etc) and beverage station (water, Gatorade, coffee, etc)
  • Maintain a bus tub wash area for diners to clean their own eating ware.
  • Wash our pots and pans in a separate area.
  • Have some kitchen experience, comfort with knives, hot flames, and sobriety.

The meals will be vegetarian if not vegan.  Meat and cheese will be in the kitchen and served separate for those that want to eat it.  Some food prep may be done in Portland, OR and participating may be an option in exchange for a 4-hour shift.   Stay tuned for more details!