Thank you for your interest in volunteering with SHIFT Festival!

Read about Available Departments Here!

**Please Note: All Volunteers must purchase a ticket**

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Here is how it works:

    • Fill out the Volunteer Interest Survey any time after March 9, 2019. As departments fill up, they will no longer be available to sign up for, so sign up soon for your first choice!
    • Purchase a ticket after March 9th, 2019 @ 10am
    • Once you have been sorted into your departments by our Volunteer Coordinator, individual departments will contact you with information on how to sign up for shifts for that crew. Filling out the Volunteer Interest Survey does not sign you up for shifts.
    • You can work for multiple departments and share credits across teams. You can sign up for as few or as many shifts as you would like.

    To ensure all our volunteer shifts, from pre-festival work parties to post-event LNT, are completely staffed, we have implemented a Rockstar Vollie Policy. This entitles Rockstar Vollies to many perks, including partial ticket reimbursement and meals from Plates (our staff commissary).

    • Fill out Volunteer Interest Survey (Survey will open March 9th 2019) and select departments you wish to work for. You can work for multiple departments.
    • Purchase Ticket anytime after March 9th, 2019 @ 10am
    • Department Leads will contact you for scheduling and shift placement.
    • Sign Up for 16 (or more!) volunteer credits.
      • Not all shifts have the same weight (For example, some shifts might be 1 hour = 1 credit, others may be 1 hour = 2 credits).
      • Credits can be shared across departments. You may wish to work for Mäkz pre-event, do a Grass Guardians shift during the event, and work for LNT post event– and that’s okay!
      • Any combination of departments works, as long as you reach 16 or more credits.
      • Please ask your department leads to clarify the weight of shifts you are signing up for if it is unclear. For further questions, please contact [email protected]
    • During the event, if you are signed up for 16+ credits, you will be given a special wristband at Gate which allows access to 2 meals a day at the Plates kitchen. More details about this will be sent to Rockstar Volliez when it gets closer to the event.
    • After SHIFT,, Department Leads will verify that volunteers completed their shifts. Once this verification process is complete, all volunteers who completed their assigned 16+ credits will be eligible for a Partial Ticket Reimbursement of $175. This is a flat rate cost regardless of what ticket tier you purchase.
    • Feel a swell of amazing energy because YOU helped put this festival on!

    **Please Note: All Volunteers Must Purchase a Ticket**

    Purchase Tickets Here !

    Questions? Please contact [email protected]

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